Home Espresso – The God Shot in your kitchen

It’s time for the Adventures in your Kitchen mini-series!

This first installment aims to help YOU make better coffee at home by asking: should you splash the cash on an espresso machine?

Jools decides she wants that amazing coffee-shop espresso at home, and Scott, our seasoned espresso veteran (and dork), guides Jools on her journey.

How much money should you set aside for your new favourite toy? Do you really need three-phase power? What on earth is the “God Shot”… and how long will it take you to achieve it?!

We’ll be offering you practical advice on the timeline, cost and sustainability of having a home espresso machine, and guiding you on how to level-up your coffee game at home.


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Scott Bentley / Caffeine Magazine: https://bit.ly/3oijQ91
Jools Walker / Lady Velo: http://bit.ly/39VRGew
James Harper / Filter Stories: https://bit.ly/2Mlkk0O

Want to read a transcript of this episode? http://bit.ly/2MoTbdn

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