What Does It Take To Start A Roastery in 2022-Coffee Club NEW KIDZ edition

This month in our Coffee Club subscription we are focusing on four roasters to emerge onto the scene in the last few months. In this round table discussion the roasters talk about the highs & lows and what it takes to launch a new roastery in 2022.
The four roasters are:
-Rob Clarijs-‘A Matter Of Concrete Coffee Roastery’ (Netherlands)
-Jimmy Dimitrov ‘Sweven Coffee’ (England)
-Jorge & Caudia ‘Orbita Coffee (Spain)
-Stephen Houston ‘Lucid Coffee Roasters’ (Northern Ireland)

**APOLOGIES FOR THE SOUND** (I recommend switching on SUBTITLES-it is echoey but what they say is so interesting I hope you can bare with it!).

To fully participate in our event you can purchase the Taster Set or 4 Whole Bags on our website.

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